Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Random Pictures from my Phone

I made a pumpkin pie for thanksgiving. Im discovering a love for baking these days! 
We spent Thanksgiving with family in San Diego. Travis's aunt always makes delicious food and sets a beautiful table! We are SO thankful for our family here! 
Travis decided he also wanted to make a thanksgiving dinner for the two of us :) 
So he made everything! It was amazing! 
^^ Some fruit cookie cups I made for a get together with family 
& Audrey sent us these wine glasses for my birthday! We love them! :)
^^ Christmas decorations at the mall 
& Coronado makes all the meters free during Christmas time :) it makes me happy! 
^^ Sushi to go is our favorite :) all kinds of sushi for Travis and Avocado cucumber sushi for me always :)  

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