Saturday, November 7, 2015

Madre in San Diego :: Part 2

Here are the rest of the pictures from my moms trip to San Diego!...
^^ I brought her to one of my favorite coffee shops! 
My mom cleaned our porch so we spent a lot of time out there just chilling, playing skip-bo, watching the planes fly over our house. A perk of having your mom as a house guest, she cleans things!!! :) She also cleaned behind our fridge and stove! THANKS MOM! :) 
We went to the zoo! Travis and I are not really zoo or amusement park people but its fun to go when we have people visiting. I had been once before but this was Travis's first time. We had a lot of fun!

After the zoo we brought her to our favorite restaurant by our house, Ballast Point. We are some terrible tour guides bringing someone who doesn't like beer to a brewery :) haha. The food is enough reason to go to this place! If your ever in San Diego, GO! Its awesome! 

This is a little Italian coffee shop/cafe and its AMAZING! We went the morning of the zoo and she liked it so much she wanted to go back the next morning! I did not complain :) 

^^ Travis had to go to work one day. My mom wanted to get a picture of him in his uniform and I'm so glad she did :) I don't get them that often so I am happy to have this picture! 

We kind of went kayaking. We made it out into the water but unfortunately we were not out there very long :/ The water was super choppy so I started feeling sick pretty quickly. It was a bummer but at least we got out there for a few minutes :) 
Dinner the night before she had to leave :( 
Miss you like crazy mom! Thanks for coming to visit us :)  

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