Sunday, November 22, 2015

Fall in our House

I know everyone is already putting their Christmas decorations out but I still have my fall decorations up so I figured I would share them with you before I take them down! :) Even though it NEVER feels like fall in San Diego I still pretend it is in our house. I bundle up and pretend my air conditioning is the crisp fall air outside, haha it doesn't really work. I miss you fall!! 
^^ My friend Brittany made this fall sign for me!! :) I loooove it! So excited to use it every year! Thanks Britt!!!
^^ This is what the shelf looked like before Britt sent me the sign :) 
I missed Hobby Lobby SOO much when we moved to San Diego. They have them here but there wasn't one close to us. But now there is!!! :) That is where I got most of my decorations. Hobby Lobby really is the best!! 

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  1. Very cute decorations Kelli! I would DIE without Michigan falls- they really are the best! Guess next year you will have to travel home for a fall trip ;)


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