Sunday, October 18, 2015


There were a couple weeks between the time Brittany came to visit and when my mom came! So when Travis is gone and I don't have guests...I work, eat unhealthy, go to a lot of coffee shops in my activewear, drink pumpkin spice in my active wear, and take a lot of pictures of myself in my activewear. 

Regarding activewear
1. Watch this video if you haven't already, its amazing. And my activewear references from here on out (yes there will be more) will make much more sense.   
2. I went into the Version store one night wearing said activewear, and the nice man helping me asked if I just came from the gym and I said "no" and he proceeded to ask if I was "headed to the gym or to yoga or something?" Um NO VERIZON GUY! Im just "going to Verizon in my activewear, activewear" and then I'm going to go home and "Do nothing in my activewear, activewear" 

And just in case you are wondering I am 99% sure I was wearing my activewear when I was at each of the following restaurants/coffee shops...
Your welcome for the following...
Happy Sunday Friends! 


  1. This post just made me so happy you have no idea...

  2. Replies
    1. Andi I just see questions marks :) what do you mean?


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