Thursday, January 15, 2015

Rancho Bernardo Inn

For Christmas/birthdays/our anniversary my AMAZING sister-in-law gave us a night away at a hotel in San Diego!! We went this past weekend and it was absolutely amazing! We ate good food, drank good beer, dressed up, watched football, Travis played golf, I got a massage, chilled in bed, got in the hot tub, and took a lot of mirror selfies {well, mostly I did this :)} It was simply bliss. 
The hotel was sooo beautiful!! The whole place smelled like a wood burning fire, it was awesome! 
^^ We do not have cable at home so being somewhere with cable is a treat for us :) There were some football games on so we hung out at this little bar a lot. They had THE best sweet and spicy mix I have ever had!
The hotel room was so beautiful and looked onto the golf course.
^^ We got dressed up and went to the fancy restaurant at the hotel and oh was it fancy! This little plate of fish was $15 and we ate it in 3 bites. And a very small cheese plate with 5 grapes and an assortment of 7 nuts on was $21. After that we decided to go back to the bar for quesadillas and guacamole :)
It was pretty funny, I dig being fancy but not that fancy! 
^^ Breakfast Buffet Sunday morning, so delish! Not shown omelet from the omelet bar!
Part of the package Elyse gave us was golfing for Travis and a massage for me! It rained a little on Travis while he golfed but he didn't care, the course was beautiful and he loved it. And my massage was just amazing, the spa was SO nice! It felt like a dream :) 
^^ After golfing and massage we had lunch in the bar one more time and watched a football game :) Travis made friends with this old guy who lives on the golf course :) he was so nice! 

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ELYSE! We can not say thank you enough! 
The weekend was just such a dream! :) We love you!

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