Monday, December 29, 2014

November Happenings

Continuing with the old before the new, here are some of our November happenings...
^^ At a coffee shop doing my BSF & Palm trees and twinkle lights :)
^^ The city skyline 
^^ I turned 26 in November! Weird. Travis had flowers delivered to the house and took me to a nice dinner at a restaurant by our house. We had drinks and ate some of the best food I have ever had! I feel so blessed to celebrate my birthday with my best friend and the love of my life. I miss everyone at home on days like that but Travis makes me feel so loved and cared for :) I am thankful for him and for friends and family to miss! Counting my blessings for sure! 
^^ Blurry but I love it :) Went and explored sunset cliffs, its about 15 min from our house! It is beautiful! The 2 pictures below are also there.
^^ Went to a movie and out for drinks with a friend for my birthday!
^^ Birthday presents from my mom & and she sent me apple cider from Michigan! Please excuse the super awkward picture and my super clingy shirt. 
^^ Travis fishing off the pier, I read and took pictures :) 
^^ I love feet pictures, obiously. & got this recipe box I have been wanting FOREVER with birthday money from my in-laws!! I am so obsessed with it! :) 
 ^^ Christmas showed up the day before Thanksgiving in our homestead...ooops :) No tree this year :/ Our apt is Tiny and we went out of town for Christmas so figured we could skip it this year. Last time we do that for sure! 
^^ On thanksgiving we took a walk to the park in the morning, it was 70 and sunny. Totally didn't feel like thanksgiving! 
 ^^ Then we spent the evening with family for dinner. It was a really nice day! We are so incredibly thankful for the family we have in San Diego! They are such a blessing to us! Travis's cousin just had a baby girl :) She is super fun and adorable! 

Well that is about all from November! :) Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! I will post our Christmas adventure soon! 

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