Sunday, December 21, 2014

I'm Back!

Wow, I have not posted on here since October 14 and the pictures I posted then were actually from September. I am doing a really terrible job at this! My mother-in-law is always asking me when I'm going to post again so here I am! :) I'm going to post a bunch of old pictures until I catch up! 
So here are some of our October happenings :) Travis was gone most of the month for work but here are a few things we did before he left...
^^ Breakfast with a friend & golfing with Travis, well he golfed and I drove the cart :)

^^ burgers & cute letters from some of my favorite little people! 
^^ Carving pumpkins, which we had to throw away 2 days later because they were already rotten! I couldn't believe how fast they went bad! I guess it's too hot here to leave pumpkins out.
^^ San Diego :)
^^ I love coffee and pictures of my feet!
^^ They have an Italian fest every year in the neighborhood we live in so I walked down one day, had a pizza, and watched these super cute old people dance :)
^^ Cute postcards I found & my hot husband!
^^ Cold stone ice cream & Breakfast in bed
^^ I went to a San Diego State University game with Travis's cousins! My father-in-laws cousin is one of the coaches on the team so we tailgated with their family before the game!
^^ One day taking a walk by the bay :)

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