Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December Stuff

We were pretty much sick all of December. I was sick, then Travis got sick, then I got sick again! It was definitely not our month! But here is some stuff we did when we actually got out of bed :) 
^^ Coffee shop & cute vintage store I found 
^^ Laying in laundry instead of putting it away
^^ Eating a lot of soup and rice
^^ Across the street & a delish donut shop!
^^ His and her popcorn :) I don't share popcorn well. 
^^ Exploring our neighborhood! We bought juices at a new juice place by our house. My juice consisted of grapefruit and mint and it was $6.99! I will not be going there again! 
^^ Christmas movies & mall decorations 
^^ A new ice cream place I tried with a friend. The outside is much cuter than the inside! :) 
^^ Bowling with friends 
^^ the cutest little Christmas present from Audrey! :)
^^ I tried making sugar cookies for the first time! I have always just decorated sugar cookies other people made. They actually turned out really well! I was really happy!
^^ We went to a San Diego state game with family. Interesting fact puppy chow is not a popular thing in San Diego! I know I was shocked too, but yeah I have asked a bunch of people and none of them have had it before! I was happy to introduce them to it! 
 ^^ Travis and I celebrated 2 years of marriage on Christmas eve! Our present to each other was our camping trip (pictures coming soon!) but Travis surprised me when I woke up before we left for camping with cinnamon rolls, mimosas, and a polka dot bag full of my favorite things :) One thing in the bag was this awesome tray! So excited that our breakfast in bed game just went up like 100 notches! 

Happy almost New Year! 

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