Monday, October 13, 2014

iPhone Livin

^^ I am living with the delusion that fall exists in San Diego, and so is the rest of the city. These were at the grocery store so I bought some :)
^^ We drink coffee EVERY morning :) & I found these awesome post cards a while ago! Sent them to some of my favorite little people :) 
^^ I took a photography class a while ago, I learned so much about my camera! It was awesome. & I bought a new black and white pillow at Ikea!
^^ Gosh my husband is hot! 
^^ We went on a date to a new restaurant in our neighborhood, Ironside fish and oyster bar. Seafood is not my thing but Travis loves it so we wanted to try it. And I have to say everything we had was amazing! This was probably the coolest restaurant I have ever been to! It was awesome and the food was great! If you live in San Diego, GO!
^^ I won Padres tickets at work so we went to a game! :) 
^^ Cold pumpkin spice latte, just not the same as hot! & chillin at the golf store :)
^^ Bowling with friends! I have rediscovered my love for bowling! :) haha 
^^ Sprinkles cupcakes are AMAZING! If I could send them to everyone in Grand Rapids I would but you will just have to come visit me to experience them :) 

Happy Monday! 

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