Wednesday, July 23, 2014

iPhone Life

^^ The view driving over the bridge from the city to Coronado is awesome! I wish there was a place you could pullover :) I just take pics sometimes while travis is driving.
^^ Working weird hours at work gave me my mornings for a few days and it was really nice :) I cleaned, took pictures of the apartment, and had coffee on the porch every morning!
^^ I love pictures of feet and I can not lie. Also I LOVE super green grass, like I love it a lot. 
^^ Laundry mats = not awesome. The bag on the left is full of Travis's clean clothes, the bag on the right is mine. Ummm I don't think I should be doing the laundry any more! :) He always goes with me and helps so its ok :)
^^ On Saturday we walked down to little italy for pizza and a beer. This place is our favorite, I think its the best pizza I have ever had tied with Giordano's in Chicago. As we walked by a restaurant an old man singing gave me a carnation :) Little Italy is my FAV!
^^ More Little Italy :) We walk here a lot! This is my favorite coffee shop to go to. 
If its not clear I love Little Italy :) haha. Im so thankful we live here!

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