Monday, July 14, 2014

iPhone Life

^^ I got my wisdom teeth out two weeks ago so for about a week I was in bed eating mashed potatoes and peanut butter :/
^^ 4th of July! We took the ferry to Coronado in the morning for the parade, had lunch at a cafe on the island, then watched fireworks from Travis's aunts house!
^^ We have been going to the beach every chance we get! It is wonderful! We plan to spend a lot of time there this summer. There is a beach on the Coronado base so we have been going there because its never busy and there is always parking! 
^^ Travis made this sign for me while I was in Michigan :) He surprised me with it when I got home! && I am working weird hours right now at work so I have my mornings for a change which has actually been really nice, enjoying quiet mornings with coffee, my Bible, and a book! 

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