Friday, July 11, 2014

Apartment Sweet Apartment

Well we have been living here since March and I just took pictures of it yesterday! I am not in love with this little apartment of ours so it has not been on the top of my to-do list :) We love love the location of it and love that our door leads to the outdoors instead of a hallway. But it is very little and has an old house smell that I can not get rid of and it drives me crazy. If you remember our first apartment we lived in here you will know this was a big change for us :) However we are paying less in rent and we can walk to the bay in less than 5 min which we love!! So without further ado here is our current abode...
Our living room doubles as our garage. This is what the porch looked like while I was taking these pictures...
At the end of the day Travis and I live here together and thats all I care about :) 
Have a happy weekend!

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