Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Trip to Michigan!

One of my very best friends got married last week! So I was in Michigan for 10 days for the wedding and to see all of my favorite peeps :) I have a million pictures but to start here are just random ones from my phone that don't go with a specific event :)

^^ Pictures from the sky. I love seeing the different landscape as I fly across the country!
^^ I got to spend some time with my dad and in-laws...I didn't get a picture with Travis's dad :/ ! I also got to see my grandma Ripley for a few but didn't get a picture with her :/ wish I could have spent more time with her!
 ^^ Saw these little ppl for a few minutes the day I got home! First time I met Logan :) 
 ^^ Went with Britt to get her test make-up done for the wedding day
^^ Cassie and I helped Britt with misc wedding stuff and moving some stuff into her new house! & I got to see Steph and Linds for a few min! SOO wish I could have spent more time with them! Miss you both! 
^^ Spoonlickers with Grandma and Mom  
 ^^ Marie Catribs for breakfast with mom and Kyle 
^^ My mom and I went to Saugatuck for an afternoon :) 
 ^^ Drinks at Hoolihans, my mom and I go every time I am home now, we love it! Go if you live in Grand Rapids! And wine at my moms hair appointment :) 
^^ love these two little ppl! More pictures with them later & Lunch with Grandma, mom, and Kyle
 ^^ Had to have some yesterdog while I was in Grand Rapids!
^^ Eva, my mom, and I went to the Downtown Market one afternoon! Grand Rapids is always doing something new and cool! I am glad I got to see this while I was home. If you live in Grand Rapids you should look it up! Definitely worth the trip. 
 ^^ The weather was beautiful the whole time I was home until the last two days. I was so glad the weather was nice most of the time but was happy to see some rain before I left. & Traveling home with Travis's fishing pole :)
^^ Flying into San Diego! I would not describe myself as a city girl but I have to say this city does feel like home right now and that makes me happy :) 

It was so so good to be home and spend time with all the people I love! Unfortunately I didn't get to see everyone and I would have liked to spend a lot more time with all the people I did see! I am just thankful for the time I had and I will just have to see everyone next time or you can come to San Diego!!! :) I love and miss all my Grand Rapids people so much! 

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