Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rehearsal Day!

I was so thankful to be home for all the wedding fun! :) The day before the wedding we got our nails done, ran some last minute errands, picked up the wedding dress, decorated the barn, had Qdoba for dinner, and practiced the ceremony! 
^^ Bridesmaids getting our nails done! 
^^ Coffee Cup saying "Bride" is a must! & Picking up the wedding dress! 
^^ The property the wedding was on was soo amazing! 
^^ Bridal party gifts 
^^ This place was so cute!
^^ The bride & groom!
^^ The brides nephew. He is just so cute! I hung out with him a lot :) 
^^ The grooms nieces were the flower girls. Practicing dropping the flower petals :) The were so cute!
^^ Groomsman 
^^ Bridesmaids :) I had so much fun hanging out with these girls!
^^ Mi madre :) She was one of the mistress of ceremonies. So fun having her there too! 
^^ Thanks for the gifts Britt!
I love wedding festivities :) I will post pictures from the wedding soon! 

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