Sunday, June 22, 2014

Our iPhone Life

Travis took last week off just to relax at home and get a break from work for a bit. So on the days I didn't work we went to the beach a few times, tried some restaurants by our house, went to La Jolla, and went stand up paddle boarding!! Even though I had to work it was a really good week! :)
^^ We walked to brunch last weekend at a restaurant by our house that we have been wanting to try! It was really good and I still just think its the coolest that we can walk to places like this! :) 
^^ Walked around La Jolla last weekend and looked at the gallery of photographer Peter Lik. It was really cool to see in person! Look him up, his photography is amazing!
^^ Also by our house is Ballast Point brewery so we went to watch the NBA finals game and taste some beer! 
^^ We went stand up paddle boarding in the San Diego Bay!! It was sooo fun! I was bummed I didn't have a water proof camera! 
^^ Yesterday we went to the beach! For the longest time Travis has been saying we need beach chairs and I always say no thats stupid, we don't need to spend money on that when we have towels! Finally he just ordered some and I have to say these beach chairs are life changing! I am obsessed with them and it was truly our best experience we have ever had at the beach! If you don't have them, BUY THEM! :)  
       Hope your Monday was fantastic! 

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  1. Now you're living....You kids look San Diego great...And Kelli I adore your hair back. It shows your real true beauty!!!! Laura


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