Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My "Sisters"

I am SO thankful I got to spend a lot of time with this clan while I was home! :) This was my first time meeting logan, I just love him! I was happy I got to see him while he was still little :) New babies are my favorite!
^^ look at those cheeks! :) & And I love this little dude! He has grown so much since last time I was home! 
^^ We had lunch in downtown Rockford and played at the park for a bit. 
^^ This guy! :) 
^^ This picture just makes my heart so happy! I am so thankful for all of these girls, they have always been like sisters to me! Its fun watching the faces in our pictures grow! So many chitlens :) 
^^ We had to make it to Blue Water for Wine Wednesday! 

SO thankful for all of you girls and your babies!! Don't know what I would do without you!! 

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