Friday, April 25, 2014


Hello internet world :) It has been a while! Here is what we have been up to according to my iphone. 
And per my grandmas request captions to go with the pictures :) 
^^ I have been cooking a lot again! I really love it! While cooking in our tiny kitchen I just dream about how much more I will love it in a huge fancy kitchen :) & Found my favorite coffee shop in Little Italy! 
^^ The Tigers were in San Diego so we went to a game! Through the military we can get $10 tickets on Sundays! The game was super boring but we had fun eating caramel corn, hot dogs, and drinking lemonade! 
^^ On a walk to send some mail. I love sending mail and I love how unique all the homes in our neighborhood! 
^^ Took a walk on Easter! Love this view of the city. 
^^ More from our walk. We got drinks from my favorite coffee shop in Little Italy, Italian soda for me and a Gelato shake (SOOO GOOD) for Travis :)
^^ My favorite house in our neighborhood! & on a walk.
^^ Stopped to take this picture after dropping Travis off at work. It was a super cloudy morning and I thought the reflection of the sailboats in the water was cool! & The coolest fire hydrant I have ever seen!
^^ I think the San Diego library is SO COOL! I took this when I was picking up Allegiant! SO excited to read it!
^^ Some pink lemonade soda that was necessary when grabbing a few groceries for dinner the other day & Cooking salmon! It was delish!
^^ Stopped while driving downtown to take this picture. I LOVE LOVE this green building and the purple flowers on the tree in front of it make it even prettier! 
^^ Just thought I would share with everyone how cute I was as a kid :) My mom texted me this the other day and I just love it. 

Happy Weekend Friends!

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