Monday, March 3, 2014

The Happs

Hi! This is a winter I am not sad to be missing in Michigan! For real everyone should consider moving to california, the constant sunny days are just so good, SO SO good! Occasionally I wish for rain and finally that wish came true over the weekend! This is the most rain we have seen since we have been here. When it rains here people have NO idea what to do, its hysterical yet not funny at all because no one knows how to drive and well, thats annoying. Watch this video, its funny :) 

In other news...We are loving being outside at a park over on Coronado, I think we finally found a church we want to keep going to! I am still doing BSF, I chopped my hair off!! My mom is coming to visit in a month (SOOO EXCITED!), and Travis is going to Alaska for a couple weeks. We found a new amazing mexican restaurant, and I discovered my love for pina coladas. We are moving over the next week and a half to a new apartment (cannot believe we have already lived here for a year!!), and this coming weekend we are going to LA to visit some friends!! 

That is what's happening over here :) Hope your weekend was grand! 

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