Thursday, December 5, 2013

Decking The Halls

We love this time of year! Although I like to start Christmas a little early Travis really wanted to wait till after Thanksgiving :) So we decided to start a tradition of getting our tree and decorating our house the day after Thanksgiving! I love that we are starting traditions, it is so fun! So since we live in a place where Christmas trees are not abundant we had to find a tree at a lot instead of cutting it down ourselves. Hopefully some day we will live in a place they grow so we can cut it down! We found a lot downtown and paid way too much for a tree shipped in from Oregon :) Hopefully it stays alive till Christmas! 
For some reason I left my box of ornaments in Michigan and just brought these few :/ 
New Christmas decorations thanks to Target and Ikea :)
Travis did the lights. I am just discovering this year how much he loves Christmas! It was so fun watching him get excited and wanting to decorate everything with me :)
I saw pine cones on a string here and loved it, so I decided to make my own, I think its so cute! And they smell like cinnamon! 
I am very proud of this banner! All the tutorials I found online provide a printable template for the letters so you can just trace and cut. However we do not have a working printer, so I freehanded all of these on white paper then traced them all to the red and cut them out. If you know me you know my handwriting is like a 5th grade boys so I felt pretty good that they came out looking so good! I used a ruler a lot :) And on the curvy letters where a ruler doesn't work you can tell, haha! If you do want the tutorial with template for letters I found it here
I looked at a TON of tree skirts and they were all SOO expensive! We didn't want to spend a lot on a tree skirt this year so I improvised and I really love it! I just bought a yard and a half of burlap and cut the middle out and put it over the tree stand. 
I bought these and got some for wedding gifts from Target last year! I love them so much! When we got them they went straight into a box so it is fun using them this year!

I really love how everything looks! We sit on the couch every night and say how much we love all the Christmas decorations and never want to take them down! They make our apartment so happy :) 


  1. cute cute cute! you done good lady:) MERRY of the CHRISTMAS!

  2. Ah! So festive and crafty! I love it!


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