Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmasy Things from my iPhone

1. December nights - San Diego has no idea how to do a Christmas festival. It was a carnival.
2. Duck the halls :) 
3. The Hotel Del, their Christmas lights were so pretty! 
4. Skip-bo...not really Christmasy but the Christmas tree is in the picture so it counts.
5. Christmas presents from home!
6. I love candy canes!
7. Surprise Christmas party at work
8. I attempted to paint a few of my own ornaments, haha
9. Today I am wearing sandals. Something is not right here.
10. Christmas Corona I guess? Again the tree was in the picture :)
11. Coronado tree with lights :)
12. Sending the last of our Christmas cards a little late....oops, sorry! 

And that is all my phone has to report for now :) Hope you are having a good Christmas season and enjoying all it has to offer! We are missing the snow this time of year but it feels like Christmas in our apartment and that we love! Have a happy weekend! 

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