Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I Choose Thankfulness

November is really such a good reminder to count our blessings whether life is good, complicated, or just plain bad. Kelli Trontel from Kelli Trontel Lifestyle started the hashtag #Ichoosethankfulness encouraging people to be thankful for things even on days when life is hard. The other day someone posted this...

I chose thankfulness. When the sun shines brightly on my world, and when that world collapses. When I feel awesome, when I feel like crap. When I have much, when I have little. When I'm treated well, and when I'm misunderstood. When my family is healthy, and when they're not. When my kids are angels, and when they're not. When the future is clear, and when its a big fat blur. When God makes sense, and when its all a mystery. I CHOOSE THANKFULNESS. 

I love how she said that! To be thankful when life does not go our way is hard. I want to be someone that always sees something to be thankful for no matter what the situation. So even though life is tough, I choose thankfulness.
Have a Happy Wednesday! 

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