Sunday, September 15, 2013

Well Hello There

Since I have been back in San Diego I have managed to work and get myself sick. So for almost a week now I have gone through about 4 kleenex boxes and eaten a lot of soup! Today I am feeling like I actually might get better! 

I miss everyone back in the mitten a WHOLE LOT! But I am so happy to be back here with Travis in our home :) And looking forward to a stream of visitors coming our way soon! 

I haven't taken many pictures but here are a few things I did manage to capture during the last week :) ... 
^^ Travis had these flowers for me at the airport when I got back to San Diego :) and he had an amazing meal planned for me when we got back home! 
^^ Travis discovered the wonderfulness of pinterest food while I was gone :) These cupcake tin eggs with bacon are just one of the wonderful things we have eaten since his discovery. 
^^ Last weekend we spent some time at Target and naturally enjoyed a little starbucks & another pinterest recipe (we are currently addicted!) 
^^ Thank you Under the Sycamore for the braid with no hair tye! & the cutest little spatula I got from Target :) 
 ^^ My nightstand full of all my sickness necessities & when we went outside for a few moments yesterday :)

So that is all I suppose. Hoping this week will be much more lively and upbeat! :) 
Happy Sunday! 

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