Monday, August 26, 2013

The Weekend

Travis had to go away for a few days this past week for work. It sucked! I realize 3 days is not very long at all and I totally admit I am being a big baby and totally over dramatic :) Travis and I have been a apart for a lot of our relationship with him away for school and the military so it is not anything new to us but this was a different feeling for sure! 

I learned a couple things about myself while he was gone... 
1) If he was ever gone for a long period of time I would become fat very quickly. Without him in the house I am bored so I eat, A LOT. It was not a good situation! 
2) I cannot live without him! He truly is my other half and I missed him so incredibly much! I missed cuddling with him, laughing with him, cooking dinner for him, and even closing all the cupboards after he leaves them open :) 

I hope he leaves our cupboards open for the rest of our lives because it means he is in our home and that is all I want. 

So while he was gone I ate too much food, watched too much project runway, made our apartment look like a craft fair threw up all over the place, and worked on my tan :) He is home now and I feel whole again. 
I am SO excited to head home tomorrow to see all my people back in the G-Rap!
Happy Monday! 

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