Monday, August 19, 2013

Over the Weekend

My man really outdid himself this weekend! Saturday when I got home from work he cooked me an AMAZING dinner of barbecue (that marinated for 4 days), homemade mac n cheese (with goat cheese!), corn on the cob (my favorite EVER!), mushroom and tomato bruschetta, and mushrooms and peppers. To drink he made strawberry lemonade, and for dessert my favorite, red velvet cupcake! There were candels and everything! :) It was all so sweet, I LOVED it! AND THEN, the next morning I wake up to him bringing me breakfast in bed! He really is the best! :) I told him he needs to stop cooking so awesomely or I am never going to cook again. So yeah our weekend was pretty awesome. We did a lot of relaxing and worked on our tans a little bit :) I hope your weekend was super happy! 
Happy Monday!

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