Monday, August 12, 2013

Lately From my Phone

^^ Mango, red bull smoothies = AMAZING! & We love us some watermelon :)
^^ Duck Dynasty is quite possibly the best television show that exists. I went to Target to buy season 3 the day it came out. & Palm tree love
^^ My husband knows me so well :) I like a few strawberries with my whip cream & he picked up a new hobby!
^^ We stayed home for most of the weekend and did some stuff around the house, Travis cleaned his bike & I made a watermelon cocktail :)
^^ New scene in our home :) & I laid on the beach Sunday morning while Travis went to the gym. 
^^ I took this picture while driving over the bridge! I am pretty proud of it and Travis is pretty mad that I was taking pictures while driving over a bridge :)

I hope you had a happy weekend! 

1 comment:

  1. Ralph's Private Selection ice cream and sorbet is my favorite ice cream of all time. The mango and the raspberry sorbet flavors are my absolute fave.

    DD all the way :D


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