Monday, August 5, 2013

iPhone Weekend

Friday night/Saturday morning I did my last overnight shift, thank goodness! That is the worst shift ever! So this weekend involved a lot of relaxing and sleeping. Saturday I slept till 3 then we went to a barbeque at Travis's cousins house. Sunday we relaxed in the morning, Travis made us eggs and bacon then he headed to the gym while I painted my nails and watched a show :) 

When he came home we headed to try a new church which we did not end up going to. We couldn't find it for a while, then when we did it was in some little tiny warehouse behind a bunch of strip malls selling home goods. It was really strange so we decided to not head in. We are not having much luck on the church search. I think we are going to start watching/listening to a sermon online before we actually go, maybe we will have better luck with that :) I think I need to get over it but for some reason I have a hard time with churches that are in strange buildings like a warehouse or a school gym. I know it has no reflection on the church itself but I always have a hard time focusing and actually feeling like I am at church. I am going to work on getting over that :) 

Anyways, after church we stopped at Ikea and Target to get a few things and to eat Ikea meatballs naturally :) When we got home we took a nap, did a TON of laundry, Travis fixed a few things in the apartment, cooked us dinner, and I made cookie dough from scratch! So excited to bake them tonight, the recipe told me to chill them over night which took a lot of patience! :) 

And there you have an extremely wordy description of our very uneventful weekend :) I hope yours was happy!
Happy Monday! 


  1. Ugh, I have such a love for Ikea meatballs, too! And $1 cinnamon buns. And $1 fro-yo. I just went there today, can you tell?! :)

  2. This post is far too delicious looking.
    Stop it.

    Oh! BTW,I don't recall you getting a new layout! LOOOOOOOVE IT!


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