Wednesday, July 31, 2013

These Days...

-I only take pictures with my phone
-I work a lot, and sometimes from 8pm till 5am the next morning. Cant wait for that to be over!
-We are watching all the old episodes of Parks and Rec, such a good show!
-We watched Kings Speech...Can't believe it took us this long to see it, AMAZING
-Because I am working such crazy hours I am super tired and slacking in my wife cooking duties, but I did make a cheesecake the other day so I don't think he minds :)
-Looking forward to going home and seeing my Grand Rapids peeps in a few weeks!
-Last weekend we went shopping, saw Grown Ups 2 (TERRIBLE), and ate at California Pizza Kitchen. 
-My happy place is cuddling on the couch with my man every night :) Being married is so fun!
And that is all for now :) 
Hope your day is "happy happy happy"


  1. Oh my! Would you mind sending me the recipe for your cheesecake? I'd love to try making it! (key word is try haha)

    Love reading your posts! :)

  2. Kelli...your such an amazing person...and wife!!!

  3. I LOVE the King's Speech, too! I just watched W/E (it's on Netflix). It was directed by Madonna and is about the king's brother who married Wallace Simpson, the American. It's neat to see the two stories tie together and made me want to learn more about the Royal Family all the more!


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