Thursday, June 13, 2013


Yesterday was my last official day hanging out with this sweet girl. I feel so lucky to have found this awesome family who I have been working for the past couple months. The mom has decided to stay home from work now so they do not need me. I am so happy for her but also sad because I will miss them tons! So now I am on the job hunt, hoping to find something soon! 

Oh, and we saw this at the beach yesterday...ummm...Gross!
Me: is that yours?
Guy walking by pig: yup
Me: is it your pet?
Guy walking by pig: yup
Then he put his headphones back on and continued to follow the pig around and pick up its poop. Not sure what the story is there but it sure was strange! 
Hope your Thursday is happy :) 


  1. Oh those are such bittersweet times! What a sweet baby girl! That pig cracks me up!

  2. oh my god, is he even allowed to just walk him like that!? it's funny anyhow.


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