Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend from the iPhone

Here is the weekend from my iphone! We are trying to do only free things for the month of June. Trying to save a little money! So we went snorkeling, cooked, went grocery shopping, went to the farmers market, and watched movies at home! 
^Farmers market with this guy :) trying to eat healthier!
^Fridge full of healthiness and mini fridge full of beer and kale, what else do you need! :)
^Travis cooking up a storm
^Relaxing Sunday. Watched church online because there was a marathon downtown that closed SO many roads and highway ramps! So we were kinda stuck :)
^Watching a movie with my man then I took a walk to Balboa park when he went to work
^That is where we live! You can see it from the park. 

Happy Monday!

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