Friday, June 7, 2013


I love snorkeling. SO much! I have to say at first I was not ecstatic about doing it because salt water has not been my friend in the past. I grew up in Michigan so Lakes are all I knew and LOVED. Salt water makes me want to gag! All my memories as a kid going swimming in the ocean are me mad that there is so much salt water up my nose and it hurt my eyes. I will never forget the one cruise we went on when I was young all the pools and hot tubs were salt water, I was so mad! I didn't go swimming once. But seeing as I am an adult now and do not get large amounts of water up my nose ever time I jump in, I am handling it much better. 

I find it so incredibly relaxing! I wear a wetsuit (the water is cold!) and it is AMAZING. One of the best purchases I have ever made! I seriously just float in it. So once we swim out I can just lay there and watch the fish swim under me. Its an incredible feeling! As you can see in these pictures this is a very busy beach! La Jolla is a popular destination! We go there because its a cove so the water is pretty calm. And the best part is that once we swim out far enough we don't even remember all those people are there. We just float around and stare in awe at the amazing world that God created under the water. It truly is mind blowing to me! Travis dives under once in a while which I think is cool! I stay on top, I'm not about to chance getting that snorkel full of salt water! :) 

Happy Friday!!
Have an awesome weekend!!


  1. Ahhhh that sounds amazing! So cool!

  2. Thats so awesome that you are both experiencing San Diego and all that it has to offer. I do so miss the ocean! It is so good for your body and soul. Enjoy .....
    Aunt Laura & Mark


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