Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Dress

This was my dress :) I loved it! I know its cheesy but I knew it was mine the second I saw it. The bow, the pockets, and the simplicity of it were all PERFECT for me! I do however wish it stayed up a little better! We had a few problems with it and in the end just decided to add a strap which worked really well! 
And here are a few pictures from Dress shopping that I never shared :) it was a lot of fun. Really hectic, dress shops on Saturdays are not awesome, but we had a good time. Actually now that I think of it I left with a migraine, but I remember it being fun so who cares :) HAHA!
Happy Wednesday! 
And Happy Birthday to two of my beautiful friends Britt and Ab! I love you both and hope your day is awesome! Just wish I was in GR to celebrate with you!! :) 

1 comment:

  1. so pretty! i recently picked out my wedding dress and knew it was "the one" before i put it on!

    love the pockets on yours!


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