Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Our iPhone Weekend >>

1. Happy sticker in the city
2. My favorite beer!
3. Went to a craft fair with Katie and bought this print. 
4. We also went to Hobby Lobby! SO HAPPY! :) We do not have one in San Diego, the closest is an hr away :/ 
5. SO excited about Hobby Lobby!
6. Random sign made out of antlers that just happens to be what Travis calls me :) love the random things Hobby Lobby sells. 
7. Beautiful sunset
8. Cool restaurant we went to with Travis's cousins
9. Cloudy and rainy weekend...I loved it! 
10. My cute candle holder 
11. Celebrating Cinco De Mayo!
12. I DIYed this table from Ikea!


  1. Oh my gosh, there are far too many amazing things going on in the post at once! Leinekugels, hobby lobby and an adorable chevron accented living room? heart.is.melting. What an amazing weekend!

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