Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Weekend!

Well I do not have any food to talk about this Friday. The husband and I decided to try and eat a little healthier so for now we are just doing chicken, fish, and vegetables. I have not gotten too creative with the healthy recipes yet, I need to work on that! So maybe next week I will have some food on a Friday for you again :) 

Today I am just happy it is the weekend. This week has felt long and we are both super tired. Ready to relax and be together! I hope your weekend is awesome, relaxing, and full of sunshine! :) Enjoy. 

And here are a few misc. iPhone pics from my week :)


  1. You live such a vibrant life!

  2. I can just feel summer coming in this post! So refreshing!

  3. I love how much sun you have there!!! aka...also jealous


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