Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Little Tour of our Little Home :)

Our apartment feels more like a home every day! So I figured it was time to give you a little tour :) Minus the bedroom and bathroom, those are not ready yet :) We love our home so much! My favorite thing about it is that everything in it is ours together. We bought everything together, we decorated it together, and we live here together. It makes me so happy :) There are always more things that we want to do or get but those will come in time, for now it is perfect! It truly is our happy place....Enjoy!
I hope your Tuesday is fantastic! 


  1. adorable! I love the stain of the cabinets in the kitchen and your big window, aaaand of course your great black and subtle accented additions! Hard to believe it's an apartment!

  2. You have fabulous taste! Absolutely loving the picture wall behind ya'lls couch- adorable!



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