Friday, April 12, 2013

Torrey Pines State Reserve

We hiked for the first time since we have been here last weekend! I kind of feel weird calling it a hike because it was more like an easy stroll to the ocean buuut lets just call it a hike :) Anyways regardless of the name it was awesome! SO beautiful {I wish pictures could do justice}. Our book of hikes near San Diego led us a little astray as this trail was supposed to be one of the less populated in the area, that was however not true at all. We prefer to do very strenuous strolls to the beach with less people :) nonetheless it was awesome! We are ready for our next adventure this weekend!  
Have a VERY happy weekend!
if you live in Cali go outside! If you live in Michigan, stay inside! :) 


  1. Gorgeous pics! You're adorable! I have no such place to look at beautiful scenery here...although I'm not sure my allergies would be too keen on me hiking right now. Blah! Happy Friday! New GFC follower!

  2. This looks so beautiful! One of the things I hate most about living in a big city without a car is the lack of any way to get out and find pretty nature spots for hiking etc.

  3. Kel, this looks freakin amazing. Your smile shows it all, it's obvious that you are loving the new life you've started in Cali :) Now I've just got to figure out a way to get there and visit you girly! Love you. Miss you in the mitten :)


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