Monday, April 29, 2013

The Weekend from my Phone

This weekend we went snorkeling, watched movies, shopped at Ikea, got a new dresser (its red!!!), got a duvet cover, decorated the apartment a little, re-organized things, ate purple rice (surprisingly good!), I bought a new book, and we had dinner with family for one of their birthdays! My weekend was 4 days because I had Friday off and I always have Monday off. So that was really nice! The weekends are our favorite! I think that is probably true of most people but we are seriously obsessed with them :) ... is it Friday yet? 
Happy Monday :)


  1. You have such an eye for aesthetics! I love love love your bedroom spread and the gallery wall!

  2. I love those Mr. & Mrs. pillows! Adorable!! :)

    -- Mary


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