Friday, April 19, 2013

Meal Planning

That is something I did this week! :) I know its shocking but it is true. Not all were a success but I tried! Naturally all pinterest recipes! Here was my list {you can click the link for the recipe} and what I thought of them!...

-Chicken, bacon, avocado chop salad : Delicious! The dressing is awesome, just don't use it all, it was very oily! I made this with steak instead of the chicken and bacon.  
-Lasagna : I will be making this tomorrow, I have very high hopes! 
-Chicken avocado enchiladas : SOOOO good! We had this last night it was seriously delicious! The husband asked me to make once a week :)
-Summer corn, bacon, and potato chowder : HUGE fail! This is basically vegetables floating in milk. It was flavorless and just gross.  
-Chipotle chicken taco salad : The pinterest picture looks good but the link is not much help :/ I had it at one time to make my grocery list but now can not find it again.
-Slow cooker pot roast : cooking in the crock pot as I type this so not sure yet :) 

And perk of military life...the commissary, the cheapest grocery store that exists, thank you United States Government. I bought groceries for all 6 meals including some spices and other misc items for...wait for it, wait for it...$100.66! 

Can I complain about pinterest for a moment? Maybe I am alone with this problem but ever since they decided to update there look it has been SO slow! And I have to refresh the page 10 times before the pictures load. It has been driving me crazy all week! Is anyone else having this problem?
My nice oil splattered recipe list :: My crock pot I am in love with, thank you Jessica! :: Dinner table last night :: I havent been feeling awesome the last couple weeks and I came home to these the other day :) I love that man!

I hope everyone has an AWESOME weekend! Our plan is to be outside enjoying the California sunshine! :)

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  1. That chopped salad looks super delicious!!! Thanks for sharing :)

    -- Mary


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