Monday, April 15, 2013

iPhone Weekend

Happy Monday! We had an awesome weekend over here in San Diego! We went up to La Jolla and watched the seals hang out on the rocks. Went to a swap meet {aka flea market}, it was crazy! A hoarders heaven. Its mostly hoarders selling there junk to other hoarders. But we did find a few gems like succulents {which I am obsessed with}, books, and flippers! Saturday and Sunday were both gloomy, rainy days so we ate some ice cream and had a pizza picnic on our living room floor while watching Cake Boss :) Sunday despite the rain we went to lunch and a Padres game with Travis's cousin and his girlfriend! The Padres are not awesome but it was still a lot of fun to hang out with them! :) For a cloudy weekend it was pretty great :) I hope you had a good one too! 

Happy Monday!


  1. seems like you had a lovely time!


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