Friday, April 26, 2013

Fridays are for Food

I have decided to designate Fridays for telling you about all the food we ate this week. Because I know EVERYONE wants to know :) And if this is for some strange reason not true, well you can just look at my pictures. So here was my meal plan for the week and what we thought about it!...
{Click the recipe name for the link}
Meal 1: Easy enchilada casserole >> Have not made yet
Meal 2: Crock pot chicken enchilada chowder >> SO GOOD!!! Seriously awesome and SO easy, you should probably make it. 
Meal 3: Crock pot beef stroganoff >> Have not made yet because I bought the wrong type of meat...oops
Meal 4: Crock pot mac & cheese >> Delicious! Not sure why it is cooked in the crock pot. Everything is already cooked when you put it in so it pretty much just melts the cheese. I left it in there for probably an hr but it was done well before that. 
Meal 5: Sauteed pork cutlets with prosciutto, sage, and lemon (found in cook book) >> Have not made yet 
Meal 6: Bacon guacamole grilled cheese >> Awesome! So good! Next time I would put more guacamole and more bacon! 
I hope you have an AWESOME weekend! 
We are going to do some snorkeling, indoor rock climbing, dinner with family, and sleeping in!! 

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  1. This is awesome!!! I love the new friday editions!!! Now I have next weeks meal plans...thanks kel!


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