Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Road Trip To California {Day 4}

Thursday we woke up drove out of Utah, through a tiny corner of Arizona (would love to go back there!), through the bottom corner of Nevada where we saw Vegas from the highway, and finally into the sunny state of California! We stopped for some lunch once in California and sat outside eating Chipotle in the 80 degree weather. We just kept saying how we couldn't even believe we were in California! It all felt like a dream! We got into town and went straight to the apartment complex where we had an apartment on hold. Took a tour, signed the papers, and we officially had a home, together! :) This apartment is my happy place :) We love it so much! It is slowly but surely becoming ours and we could not be happier! 
Have a happy Tuesday! 

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  1. California's the best~ I love living here! Glad you are settling in.


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