Friday, March 22, 2013

Road Trip To California {Day 2}

We got up early on Tuesday and headed out! We only drove about 5 hours until we got to Denver. Once we got there it was pretty hazy so we decided to hang out in Denver for the night so we could drive through the mountains when it was a little nicer. I was wanting to stay on the road and Travis wanted to wait till the next day, he was right :) It was sunny and beautiful on Wednesday. Anyways so we went downtown Denver and walked around for a few and had dinner. That is such an awesome city! Neither of us had ever been there and it was so fun to spend a little time there. They had a Bass Pro Shop so naturally we had to go there :) thankfully it was right next to a Target! So we both spent a few minutes in our store of choice. We got some rest so we could get up and on the road early Wednesday! :)
Shout-out to Stacy and Josh CURTIS :) 
Happy Friday!! :)
Hanging out with my hubby for the weekend exploring this new city of ours, so I will finish with the trip pictures on Monday! 

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