Monday, March 18, 2013

iLife San Diego

Well we are in San Diego :) We got into town on Friday, went right to our apartment that we had on hold. It was AMAZING, we love everything about it. So we signed all the necessary paperwork and moved into our first home :) So far San Diego has been nothing short of amazing! It feels a little like a vacation when every day I can go up one floor and lay by the pool, there are palm trees everywhere, AND the weather is constantly beautiful . It is definitely a little different than the good old Michigan. We have been enjoying our apartment with no boxes and no furniture. Our things are supposed to arrive sometime between the 26th and April 1st. So we eat, sleep, and relax on the floor :) We did buy a table for our deck so we at least have some chairs to sit on now! Over the weekend we explored the downtown a little, went to Ikea and Target a lot, and laid by the pool. Travis went back to work today so I am chillin by myself for a little while until I find a nanny job. We can not complain about anything, life here is really good! :) We miss our family and friends but we are LOVING this new adventure and everything this new city has to offer!! We don't have internet in our apartment yet (I am borrowing it from the lobby) but as soon as we do I will post more pictures of our place and the incredibly beautiful trip out here!  



  2. Oh Kelli! I am so happy for you guys! This post literally makes me ridiculously happy! So glad you like everything!!


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