Friday, February 1, 2013

My Bittersweet February

I can not believe it is February! We have already been married for 39 days! Time goes by SO fast. Come March Travis and I will be starting a whole new chapter in our life by making a big move somewhere in the US {not sure where yet}. We are BEYOND excited to go on this new adventure and to finally be a married couple together!

That being said moving is a BIG deal, and there are a lot of people in Grand Rapids that I am gong to miss terribly. This month my goal {other than packing up mine and Travis's lives} is to spend time with the people I love. I know it is not going to be easy for me to leave Grand Rapids behind so it is important to me that at the end of this month I look back and know that I spent time with the people I love instead of working too much or always rushing on to what's next. This is such an incredibly bittersweet transition in life for me. So this February I am going to take it one day at a time and try to enjoy every moment to the fullest!
{Just because I love this picture & Every post needs a picture :)}
Happy February 1st 


  1. You are a beautiful couple and I wish you the best! I moved from southern Ohio to Grand Rapids and it was a sad transition but I really love it here. I thought I would never get over leaving home and my parents, but I did. I hope you grow to love wherever you end up :)
    Hugs <3

  2. That is such a beautiful picture. Your hair looks gorgeous :)



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