Monday, February 25, 2013

Iowa from the iPhone

So this trip had an interesting start. It involved snowy roads, icy roads, stranded in Mc'Donalds for 3 hours, went back home, tried to leave another 2 times, finally on the 3rd try I made it out of Michigan and all was well. I am so glad the weather didn't stop me from going! I am SOOO thankful I got to cuddle caleb while he was a baby for a day :) Weather unfortunately made the trip short because more snow was coming but I was just happy I got to see him and his mom for a little while before I move to who knows where and we are much farther than a 6 hr drive apart from each other! Now please excuse the obsessive amount of baby Caleb pictures, I am slightly obsessed :) I mean how can you not be?! Look how cute he is! 

Have a Happy Monday!! 

1 comment:

  1. lovely little baby :D

    cutest photos ever D


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