Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Night Out

I love seeing my friends this much! Moving soon has made me much more intentional about my time, which means spending a lot of it with friends and family and I am loving it :) Last weekend it was Grand Rapids Brewing Co and San Chez for dessert, this weekend we went to Brick Road Pizza and Pump House for dessert, both amazing! I love spending time with these girls they mean more to me than I could ever tell them! I am so thankful for each of them! What I love the most is knowing that however far away I move or how long I am gone they will always be in my life. I am still going to miss them like crazy though! :)
Have a Happy Wednesday! 


  1. I have a very similar frozen yogurt place near me and even in the winter I can't stay away! lol Love your blog :) I'm now following you



  2. San Chez Is Awesome! I love going there!


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