Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Half Way!

Today Travis is officially half way through boot camp!! This has by far been the hardest 4 weeks I have ever been through. Not talking to someone you have spoken to every day for the past 3 years is really not fun at all. I miss him so bad it hurts every day. I am excited that we are now at the top of the hill and can start counting down! I am so ready to be in his arms!! I guess I should not complain since I am not the one being screamed at every day, sleeping on a metal bunk bed, and showering with 90 other people! Can not wait to see him graduate!! November 21st can not come soon enough!

Have a happy week! 


  1. Oh what a beautiful photo! Can't imagine how hard it must be. I do pray the counting down goes fast for you!:)

  2. Must be really hard, but you have some exciting and amazing plans to think about to keepin' you busy and happy :)


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