Thursday, September 13, 2012

What I have been up to...

Because I have zero time to show you anything else, I give you iphone pictures...
I have been...
- Eating
- Car shopping!
- Going to school
- Doing homework
- Taking care of 6 children alone for 5 days...If you need me I will be crying in my bed for a week.
- Driving too much
- Not seeing my man enough : / 
- Obsessing over my Sperry's 
- Spilling on my brand new Gap sweater
- Saying goodbye to babysitting B and Miggy every week : / 
- Drinking coffee...lots of coffee.
- Cracking my iphone screen...I dont want to talk about it. 

Anyone want to donate to the Kelli vacation fund? 

I hope your life is a little slower than mine right now :) 
Happy Thursday!


  1. That pizza looks phenomenal!!!!!

  2. Love your phone cover! Where did you get it? Great pics once again:)


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