Monday, September 10, 2012

Sorry for the absence!

I am currently taking care of 6 children for 5 days! I have them until Wednesday night so the blogging has taken a back seat. Try not to be too sad :) I will be back soon! 

Random phone pics :) 
My current phone background :) ^

I hope your weekend was wonderful and you have a very happy Monday! :) 


  1. Such adorable photos! Have fun watching the kiddos- I know how that goes:) gotta get me some of those polka dot shoes, too cute!

  2. I totally bought some of that soup just for the can last week!

    Good luck with the kiddos!

    Oh- and I THINK you used to have it on your blog but if not sorry this is so random- how do you make a gif? I swear your blog had a link to it one time but disregard this completely if I have the wrong person :)


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