Monday, August 13, 2012

Magazine Finds

1. Those plates on that wall...going to happen in my future home! I am obsessed with it! And I love the white line creating a border, SO cute!
2. I would like each and every one of the shirts in that stack, and if that happened I would stack them just like that!
3. I like the green and blue together, and I appreciate it being a little tucked in :) I wish it was in style to wear tucked in shirts, I love it! :)
4. Large black and tan striped was made for me.

On a side note, track pants are back in...??? And this time apparently as dress pants? I don't think I will ever understand fashion!
Hope your Tuesday is AWWWWESOME!!


  1. Loving all the stripes! :)

  2. cute all around:) Love the designs on the plates!

  3. I really like your blog. I'm obsessed with anything striped. so I am loving those bottom two sweaters. p.s. you are really funny. in a good way.

  4. love those striped sweaters.. can't wait for cooler weather!

  5. Ohhh that tan and black sweater is so cute--would look great with boyfriend jeans!

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