Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Guest Post: Oh Hello Love

I'm Emily and I blog over at Oh Hello, Love!, where I share my life, thoughts, photography, and entertaining ideas. I am so excited to be here on Daily Polkadots discussing one of my favorite topics: throwing a stunning party on a budget!

I, like almost any blogger, love scouring Pinterest for inspiration for parties. I love a beautifully set table and perfectly iced cupcakes and environment-transforming details. And I live for throwing parties. For birthdays. Holidays. Any old Saturdays. Unfortunately, my husband and my bank account don't always love the cost involved in throwing intricately decorated parties multiple times a year.

So I've come up with a few staple decorations that are easy to work with, inexpensive to buy and that really make a statement. In decorating for a party on a tight budget, it's important to choose items that will pack a decor punch.

1) Papel Picado. Being of Mexican-American origin, I absolutely love Papel Picado. These cut paper flags are inexpensive and easy to hang. Strung in monochromatic rows, these flags look beautiful and make a statement. The papel picado pictured above are actually mini papel picado and if you cut the string, they can be used individually. They can then be added to thin, wooden dowels and used in centerpieces and cake toppers. Papel picado can be purchased online here. If you have a larger budget, you can also order custom papel picado!

2) Signs. I love to design my own signs for parties. Once the sign is designed, I set it to an 11x17" design, save it as a PDF on a flashdrive and head over to Staples/ Office Max/ Office Depot. I then ask them to print out my file as an 11x17 print out on glossy paper. Each print out (in color) costs less than $2. $2, friends! Since discovering this, I make signs to match every party. The sign pictured above was from my husband's Black and White 60s Party.

3) Wrapping paper as table runners. I have to give credit to my old roommate Jenny for this idea. Wrapping paper in fantastic colors and designs is so easy to come by. Before a party, I head to Target and pick out wrapping paper that matches the feel of the party. I then cover the tables completely or cut one-foot wide segments to run the length of the tables. Again, easy, affordable and make a statement. This wrapping papered table was from the Rio birthday party I threw for my nephew last year.

4) 3D cardboard letters. These letters can be painted, mod podged, and decorated however you want. There are letters and numbers available so you can make any statement you want. They're available at Hobby Lobby and just $2.50 a letter/number. I used these letters in my UP party last year.
Wedding photo by Fragola Productions

5) Large, round balloons. I love these balloons. Absolutely love them. They make for amazing pictures. Though more expensive than traditional balloons, less are needed to make a statement. They can be found here. If large, round balloons are unavailable or impractical, a large bunch of monochromatic balloons can also create a strong ambiance.

Combining a few of any of these items will create a party atmosphere on any budget. I hope this helps you to create a beautifully fun party without breaking your budget! And please, stop by Oh Hello, Love and share with me all your brilliant party ideas!

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